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Jenny Grace is a natural born psychic healer and energetic medicine practitioner with a lifetime of devotion to her path. Her dedication to the art of healing has brought her to learn from the teachings and traditions of cultures from all over the world–including South Africa, Mexico, Thailand, Korea, Brazil, and more. Her academic background in anatomy and physiology, psychology, and chemistry has allowed her to cultivate a unique and integrative approach to healing at the level of body, mind, and spirit. 

She has synthesized her work to be founded on the basics of  a connection to roots, a heart-centered belief system, self-mastery and belief in personal power. 

(Distance & in person healing) 
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Spiritual Reading & healing

System balance, seven-layer chakra/auric field reading and energy healing.

Ancestral reading & healing

System balance with a focused ancestral journey and energy healing.

Relationship reading & healing

Relationship system balance, past life reading, and seven-layer aura/chakra.

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I acknowledge the Zulu and Xhosa Sangoma lineages of South Africa, the Shipibo and Yawanawa people of the Amazon, Dahn Master Lichee Lee, and Mikao Usui as the original stewards of the sacred knowledge and practices I share. 

I carry wisdom that has been directly shared with me, and with it, comes a great responsibility. My intention is to share (with deep reverence), culture, practices, and spiritual philosophies for the benefit of all beings so that we may heal, evolve, and shed a light of compassion into the deepest shadows of our lives and lineages.

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5-star reviews

Vaani G.

It truly was a delight to work with Jenny. She is a grounded,  compassionate  and incredibly gifted healer. The way in which she practices is unlike anything I have experienced before. She brings forward knowledge, humor, understanding, light and clarity to her sessions. Being able to feel the change in energy both during and after our session has been very powerful. I have found myself feeling the after glow of our session and am soaking in the new feelings of self and connection. Highly recommend Jenny for anyone feeling the pull for energy healing.

James P.

My partner and I have worked with Jenny for years now. We both really appreciate how much she has helped us to clear old patterns that were affecting our relationship. Jenny is a professional and has a very unique way of working with both the physical and the energetic systems. She is clearly an expert in her field and has been an incredible gift....The work that I have done with Jenny has truly changed my life in a way that talk therapy alone never could. She is one of very few people who I completely trust with my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I highly recommend Jenny to anyone seeking an amazingly adept clairvoyant healer.

Stephanie W.

There aren't really words that can adequately describe what it's like to be in the presence of Jenny Grace or what it's like to have a healing session from her. Her ancestral healing was *deeply* soul and life altering, and the single most cathartic therapeutic experience I've ever had. Jenny has a beauty and gentleness and kindness that is not of this world. I've never felt more safe than in her healing, angelic presence. The sacred space that she opens up is palpably the highest, purest, most loving vibration I've ever felt on this earth. I felt like I was home again. I've never felt more deeply seen or validated by anything before.

Consultation Call

I offer a free 15 minute consultation call for those interested in working with me. This space is held with the intention to get to know each other better and see if my work is the right fit for you. 

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